Sunday, August 28, 2016

Montague Issues

As I mentioned previously, I bought a folding bicycle for a portion of my commute into the city.  I went with a Montague instead of something like a Brompton because they use 700c wheels and other standard parts.

On Thursday, the handlebars came off.  I was not in motion at the time so I was not hurt, but I could have been.

The Montague uses an Octagon handle bar mount.  To begin the process of finding out exactly what fucking happened, I watched the installation video:

The bike came with two of the spacers mentioned in the video installed:
I measured the space above the spacers with my cheap digital caliper (seriously, spend the $10 on one of these things) and found there was only 13 mm available.

With a single spacer we now have the requisite 18mm.  I used a clamp and a chunk of 2x4 to compress everything into place and torqued the bolt to spec.
I'll probably post something about this fix working (or not) down the road. I really like not having to pay to park and need the exercise to maintain my health.  It'll be a shame if this bike doesn't work for me.

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