Saturday, September 17, 2016

Poulan Wild Thing

As I mentioned earlier, my property is badly overgrown.  I had a working electric chainsaw among things my dad left me when he passed away, and there is also a gas one that needed a little bit of help.

I pulled the cover from the top and swapped out the fouled spark plug.  I also hosed out the carb with a healthy dose of carb cleaner.

The saw had thrown the chain off the bar.  In addition to this, the chain had rusted.

There was quite a bit of sawdust and oil mixed together.  I cleaned it out with carb cleaner and a rag.

It's back together and ready for action now.  It only takes a couple of pulls to get it going. This isn't exactly the Stihl Farm Boss that I have my eye on, but it'll get the job done in the meantime.

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