Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Over the past few years I became increasingly fed up with Portland for a variety of reasons.  Most of them could be summed up as the city council essentially just doing whatever Richard Florida thinks is best.
About two months ago I sold my house and bought a psychologist's vacation cabin up on Mt. Hood, along with a nice diesel BMW and a folding bicycle to commute with.  The locals up here are much more like the dope smoking firearms enthusiasts I grew up with.  I do still have to deal with the transplant influence in state politics, but at least I can cut down a tree on my own property without having to file a bunch of paperwork.
The property is a mess right now.  In addition to several previous owners odds and ends having been left behind, the property is badly overgrown.  Lots of the big trees have dead lower limbs, and there are saplings everywhere.  I've   lost track of how many times I've been to the dump and Goodwill, and once burning season starts again I'm going to have one hell of a bonfire.
Not everything that was left behind was useless.  The previous owner did leave behind a few hand tools and a bit of lumber, along with some oil lamps and oil.  I got a cord of wood delivered over the past weekend and got it stacked in racks I built from the lumber that was left here.  Three more cords are coming on Saturday, and then one more a week later.
I have a lot of caulking to do in order to seal this place up still, but it's going to happen.  At this point I'll say I plan to spend more time writing here, but who can honestly say.

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