Monday, November 14, 2011

Optical theremin

Another subject I've always meant to learn more about is electronics.  When I was a kid I remember some of my father's friends building various interesting contraptions in their garages and basements, hunched over circuit boards with a soldering iron in one hand and a stubby bottle of Lucky Lager in the other.
When I was old enough to learn what actually went on with electronic components (instead of just blindly connecting things to other things) I downloaded the floppy disk images for Slackware from a BBS and immediately lost interest.

Every now and then I have thought about trying to get back into the hobby.  When the new issue of Make showed up at the house early last week there were plans for a light-controlled theremin.  It looked easy enough, so I sat down and gave it a try.

It was indeed easy enough.  I have now built my own  electronic annoyance device.

I'm going to try and hunt down a case for it in the next few days.  If I stick with this I will need to get the supplies needed to drill and etch circuit boards as well.

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